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Complete Kit - $1,550.00 US

- Price Includes Shipping Anywhere in Continental United States -

Wright Nose Lift

This photo shows the spring shock system and the limit switches which are easily inspected and fully adjustable for the correct travel of the nose strut. This assures full down and up position of the nose gear on your aircraft.

NG-3 and Skid

The foot is the first part to touch the ground when you retract the gear. With the Wright Nose Lift you do not need a rubber bumper if you chose to always park with the nose resting on "the foot". This is possible as the design of the nose lift allows the system to lock when the switch is in the off position.

The NG-3 replacement that bolts on to the nose gear is 50% stronger and provides a center bolt to capture the part on the gear strut.

Retract Control System

The Retract Control System was developed specifically for the Wright Nose Lift Composit Design Company. It is essentially a plug and play system and comes with an adjustable airspeed switch which allows you to engage the gear up warning system at your preferred airspeed. The switch system is complete with warning and in-travel indicator lights as well as a test switch. The RCS comes with the nose lift. This was an upgrade in 2001. You can purchase these for $175.00 plus shipping if you have an old system.


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